July 23rd, 2017
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The heat and humidity here have been making my headaches much worse as well as making a lot of my old injuries hurt--my left ankle, the return of pain in my left shoulder and upper arm, my right knee, the scar on the back of my head--and seriously sapping my energy. This is the worst summer has been to me in a while. I actually ended up just paying for the renewal of AVG anti-virus because I couldn't get my brain, spoons, and self together enough to research other options then schlep my laptop to the library early enough during its operating hours so I could use their wifi to download new software. Uninstalling the AVG would be challenging in my current state as well.

At least I was well enough Friday night--at least it's a bit cooler at nights, though Friday was about 88 degrees Fahrenheit/30 Celsius--to do some driving in Manhattan. The window displays were still seriously lacking, not enough to bother parking and running for (it was too early at night to be more confident about the police not showing up), but I hit upon a tribute mix of Linkin Park songs on 92.3 Amp radio. It's appropriate it was aired on 92.3, since back in the day when it was K-ROCK, an alternative station, Linkin Park was such a common play on it that I'd hear a song or two of theirs every time I drove somewhere and didn't need to buy Hybrid Theory. (I didn't need to buy Tool albums either for similar reasons.) Amp plays a lot of rap and hip-hop, so their mix included a lot of songs from Linkin Park's collaboration/remix project with Jay-Z, most of which I never heard before. It was a trip.

I was in Manhattan earlier at night than usual, 8:30 pm through 11:30 pm, which meant traffic but also reminded me of the joy I get when I outsmart and outmaneuver other drivers in the city.

On the way back, roadwork closed down several exits of the LIE that included mine, so since I had to get off a few exits down the line I decided that Somebody wanted me to get ices at the Lemon Ice King of Corona. Besides, I've been so dehydrated lately. As I sat and ate my banana-flavored ices in a park nearby at 11:45 pm, I watched some locals play bocce, not that I can follow the game intelligently. Some barber shops across the street were still open at midnight.


Nine Inch Nails' new EP, Add Violence, is available as an MP3 album or streaming even though a CD won't be released until September, but I'm holding off on purchasing it until it's been around enough to get more reviews. The review that used the term "laidback" gives me pause, since I don't listen to NIN for "laidback."
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July 22nd, 2017
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July 21st, 2017
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I cried pretty much through the entirety of episode 10. Those poor sweet beautiful broken darlings!

I suspect I'm going to finish it this weekend (but not tonight; that would be excessive, and I already have a headache from all the crying).
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I've fallen down the rabbit hole that is Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, and I don't want to come out!

OMG, this show is adorable. The main character is a weightlifter at a sports university, who is mostly very happy being a bull-headed hot-tempered jock, until one fateful day when plot spoilers happen )

I'm about halfway through. Events have transpired, and more spoilers )

I just. Bok Joo is giving me so many feels. She's about as lacking in EQ and self-awareness as Go Mi Nam from You're Beautiful (that is a wild overstatement; NO ONE is as clueless and un-self-aware as Go Mi Nam!), but seeing her grapple with not being traditionally feminine and the way everyone treats her like a hefferlump, and her humiliation at knowing she's being ridiculous leading her double life but she can't help it, and the moments of pure happiness she grabs whenever she can... is all hitting me pretty hard. *snuggles her heartbroken and befuddled self*

Also, the love interest is somehow awful and utterly adorable at the same time. I don't know how he's managing it, but I have high hopes that he will eventually soon realise how awful the awfulness is and make amends. He's getting there.

ION, I've rented the first disk of Black Sails, having decided to give it another try after bouncing off the pilot a couple of years(?) ago and since hearing many people squee. The warnings on the case include sexual violence; can anyone advise: how graphic is the non-con? Like, is it going to squick me and stick in my head for days? Does it happen to main/POV characters? /o\

IOON, we watched the pilot of You Me Her last night, and it was great. I'm looking forward to more.
July 20th, 2017
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Two voices I loved, gone by their own hands: Chester Bennington committed suicide today, on Chris Cornell's birthday. Cornell committed suicide in May.
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July 19th, 2017
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allergy mystery food challenge weirdness )

pockets a happy shopping adventure )

Friday is the 6 month anniversary of the Women's March, so now I have another calendar deadline for showing at least one version of my current project. (I'm struggling to convince myself that I AM ALLOWED to revise later.) I've spent all day today working on it, and all evening redesigning a crucial piece. There's so much yet to do, but I'm learning so much.

Annnd I just realized I didn't post this earlier. Oops?
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Part of the decor at DISH Ridgewood. I'm horrified....
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Invented by [personal profile] lunabee34: Tell me about the episode (or book chapter) that never appeared in one of your fandoms but should have.

White Collar: Neal is knocked unconscious during a case, cue Prohibition-era noir episode with singing, saxophones and threesome subtext, a la Moonlighting's "The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice."

White Collar: Peter and Neal are captured and held in a confined space. Very confined. El, Mozzie and June work together to rescue them (with Diana and Clinton helping in the background).

Battle Creek: All of season 2.

Agent Carter: All of season 3.

Captain America: A Falcon movie, with the breezy tone of Ant-Man and Spider-Man. Basically, I want (more of) a Sam/Steve romcom. ;-P
July 17th, 2017
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Still not great, but better than last week! 

WIPs currently active: 5

Words written this week: 3,259

WIPs that got no words this week: 0

WIPs that did get words this week:

Codename: Aluminum Bastard (aka broken dick epic): 104, still inching along. I probably just need to hit a scene break soon, but then I’m going to have to figure out what happens next, so…?

Born in the Blood: 821, and it is distinctly possible that every one of them is terrible, but I haven’t figured out how to make them less terrible so for now I’m just going with it.

Dragon!Bucky/tribute!Steve and Learning to Be a Good Citizen: 490, including realizing that I needed to insert an entire chapter before where I initially started writing. 

All Eternals Deck #2: 598, possibly all getting deleted when I redo the beginning because i figured out that I was doing it wrong…

Slavefic #6: 1,246, DIRELY in need of a POV change. Soon. Yes. 

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2ute8sm
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I wrote a few drabble treats for the Multifandom Drabble Exchange:

1. Shining how we want - Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson, Shortest fake relationship ever.

2. Back it up and do it again - Neal Caffrey/Clinton Jones, The first time was a ruse.

3. Does it almost feel like you've been here before - time traveller/time traveller, The portal whines alarmingly.

And I've read lots of great ones (there went my morning!), but this is my favourite so far:

Pets by [archiveofourown.org profile] lirin - Neal & Satchmo, How can anybody be exasperated around a dog like this?

ION, yay new Doctor!
July 15th, 2017
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Yesterday I finished Dal Ja's Spring with my teacher, and Imaginary Cat, which was a solo watch.

Dal Ja's Spring was charming, slightly dated and, as is the way with noona romances, eventually managed to side-step the heavy pressure on the woman to get married. (Its ending was reminiscent of several other noona romances I've seen, actually, which makes me wonder how influential it was.) It had some lovely friendships and was kind to even the less sympathetic characters. It did drag slightly toward the end, but the main reason I won't be rewatching is technical: glitchy files and out-of-sync subtitles in some episodes, which I could work around but it's a pain.

Imaginary Cat was a short, 8-episode thing about an aspiring web cartoonist and his beloved cat (we could hear the cat's thoughts; he couldn't), which should have been charming but was mostly dull. The story beats were clunky, cartooning is not particularly interesting to watch, and spoiler ). If it hadn't been so short, I would have given up about halfway through, but my completionist tendencies drove me on.

Next up, Chief Kim (with my teacher) and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (on my own).

In offline not-really-news, today has been wonderful. After three days of unrelenting sleety-rainy gales, today there was surprise sunshine, and our favourite outdoor public pool (heated) was open this morning so the boy and I swam in the gently steaming water, and it felt like an adventure, especially after being bundled in multiple layers of merino for so long. The concrete pool surrounds were freezing under my bare toes, but once I got in it was lovely and I had a lane to myself.

Then we had brunch at Floriditas and shared a brioche. Life is good.
July 13th, 2017
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Okay. Once upon a time, my AVG anti-virus software version was free and worked great. Then about two years ago, I agreed to a free trial of the paid edition for one month. After one month I figured I could return to the free version if I wished, but no, when the paid version expired it nuked everything. I was forced to pay for the paid edition just to get my anti-virus back. So I've been paying for that and for some occasional tech support since.

In March, on the phone, I was given a discount of $50 off if I renewed AVG "Total Care" early, thus $149.99 instead of $199.99. I spoke to two people and was somewhat confused because they were confusing but was given the impression it covered everything.

Not so, because I just got an e-mail that my anti-virus software will expire July 24. Renewing the software for a year is $109. The $149.99 just covered technical support. The $199.99 might have covered both. Maybe. That was the impression I just got over a long phone call with a phone guy and his supervisor. I asked them why the hell I would agree to a $50 "discount" that would only lead to me paying $109 instead later, but they both were insistent that it was explained to me correctly in March and it's my fault I was confused and maybe next year I should do them as one thing instead of trusting their sales people on the phone. The supervisor was absolutely unyielding on any of these points, no breaks or deals offered, just "pay up this year and pay up again next year (and we'll probably game you on tech support again)," and sounded glad to end the phone call. He probably thinks I'm an hysteric.

I didn't renew tonight since I have a few more days before I have to and I am way too upset to throw more than another hundred dollars at these people right now, especially given my luck with them over the phone. What are you guys paying for your anti-virus software?
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The swelling is almost completely gone from my left ankle and I'm mostly walking without a brace, which is especially great because it's rough wearing braces or orthopedic boots in weather this hot.

I had a nice July 4th, though it figures that the one year I don't go to the roof of Rentar Plaza to see the Macy's fireworks show is the one year where they actually do have amazing new fireworks to display. I caught the end of that show later on TV. I did end up watching part of a fireworks display in one of the most Queens way possible: parked in my car on a deserted street between a graveyard and an industrial warehouse and looking off over the graveyard to see the fireworks going off near a factory. I had a great view.

Also a rather Queens way to see fireworks: a few blocks from my house as I was driving around looking for a parking space that night local guys were setting off trays of illegal fireworks and asked me to stop my car since they'd just lit the fuse. I was fine with that, especially since I got to see some cool fireworks up close. A minute after that I heard a very classic Italian-style Queens accent yell out, "The Five-Oh! The Five-Oh!" and everyone picked things up and scattered.


In all my talk of the recent acceleration of old NYC being torn down or disappearing because it can't afford the rent, I didn't even consider or worry for a moment about a favorite store that had always just... been there, Strawberry at Lexington Avenue and 42nd Street. I was naive, because now it's long gone. The bit I could see through the window was stripped down to bare white wall, and I have no idea what the massive back section looks like. I say this because this Strawberry was far larger on the inside than it appeared from the outside. Between that and its arrangement, decor, and stained glass (of trees and flowers), I long joked that it was actually a TARDIS. You can get some small idea of what the interior looked like from this 2007 entry. The photos don't really give you a look at the circular ceiling sections painted to look like sky. This was a discount clothing store!

And now it's gone. I hope the stained glass panels found a nice home but I doubt it.

(There are other photos in the entry, and if anyone looking at them is saddened by the shots of grimy decrepit sculpture, click on the "i. miller building" tag at the bottom of the entry to see the recent beautiful restoration.)


Between my limping laptop and the lack of fan conversation, I haven't been going online every single night. I never realized before how much of my participation in fandom required nightly live conversations to be worth it to me. It doesn't help that it's summer and thus quieter than usual.


Several years after I wrote that arc, I've discovered that "Doppelgänger I love you" by Zeromancer is a great song for the Austria section of "Glass Houses." I still think about this stuff.
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July 12th, 2017
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yard kitty
A lovely white cat with dark tabby splotches has begun hanging out in my backyard. It (she?) flees every time I open the back door, but I've taken to keeping a bowl of water and a pile of catnip out there for her. I'm not providing food, as I have no desire to feed the wildlife (evil freaking raccoons, gah), but I like giving her a safe, shady place to get a drink and some nip in the 100F heat.

I've made some excellent progress on the current epic project. Last night as I was trying to fall asleep, I had a brainstorm that resolved the shaping difficulties of the part I was working on, so this morning I started the section over, and oh look, problem solved. There's still a fair bit to go, but maybe it'll be ready to show soonish.

There is a lot tbh, and I've been pretty under the weather. I am more than the sum of my healthcrap, though. That's the important thing.
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Geez, it's been a while since I've done this. I had to look up how to do cuts. :-/

Have some Callum.

Screencaps from Little Pink House trailers (found on youtube).

more under here )
July 11th, 2017
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holy shit

Last night I was like, nah, you're seeing things, wishful thinking, etc, but after treatment #2? The cords really ARE shrinking, dramatically so.

"Stops progressing" would have been a good outcome. Actual reversal happens in a minority of cases, almost always in patients who treat it very early. I'm SO FUCKING GLAD I insisted on going as aggressive as possible. Even if I wind up with more chronic pain out of it, I'll keep use of my hands for a fuck of a lot longer, thank ANYTHING THAT WAS LISTENING
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First dose of radiation done, out of five (once per day this week). Aside from 20 minutes of "shitting cockgoblin fuckmuppet" pain levels just now, which did die down to just a slightly elevated from normal "ow ow ow ow ow", it was fairly uneventful! Holding the position required for the treatment is worse than the actual treatment, which is basically "the machine goes click whirr for 45 seconds".

So curious to see what happens in six weeks. The way this works, you see, is by activating all the dormant spots so the second round can nuke them in 12 weeks...